Client: Rorschach Co.

Rorschach Branding Portfolio

Craig Thompson the ex-winemaker from Paringa Estate, Voyager and Leeuwin Estate had a vision for his own Mornington Peninsula wine brand.

“The ghost of Herman Rorschach left me no choice. No single idea could have been more fitting to express how I felt people interact with wine than that of the Rorschach Inkblot Test; a fluid, indefinite form to reveal the depths of one’s subconscious, a mirror to reflect the uniqueness of one’s personality and experience.”  

In creating the brand identity, branding, wine label and packaging we took the inspirations that have shaped Craig’s life and wine journey, and translated them into an easy to understand, visually stunning brand identity that is fitting for both his imagination and that of the target market.

The brand values are based on what drinking wine is all about, you, your friends, the season, the music, the food, the open fire and the book you can’t put down. Which is how we came up with the tagline:

Rorschach Wine Co.  Pour all you are into it.

Working with Matt Dampney from Damp Design to illustrate the most beautiful yet edgy inkblots the world has seen, the artwork is street art meets Dali via Brunswick Melbourne. A visually stunning and unique piece of wine branding and wine label design.