Client: Winterhalter

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Commercial dishwashers are sexy.  No really.  Winterhalter are without doubt the Rolls Royce of the professional hospitality dishwashing world.  Based in Germany these commercial glass and dishwashers have more R&D in them than most Apple products, they save energy, costs and breakages.  In fact they are so good a very well know glass maker (also a client) uses them in their Sydney offices.

So what do we do for them?  The Food Service industry is a tight one with very different B2B marketing requirements.  We formulated a strategy to place the premium Winterhalter products with their target audience of suppliers and consultants to high end restaurants, bars and entertainment venues.

With a good customer CRM, email marketing was an obvious channel choice.  Producing email newsletters with linked PDF content for distribution across their other customer channels we spread the product knowledge and what it means for the Australian hospitality industry.  We also produce the newsletters for South Africa.  Country conditions are very different and our content and interpretation of the product for the market is essential in achieving successful results.

The campaigns are fully managed and include content concepts, copy writing, design, data management and execution.

Check out the latest PDF for the new PT Series launch.