Our website audit is designed to provide your wine or hospitality business with a clear direction to achieving your online marketing objectives.



Looking at taking the next step in your brands digital story, our digital audit provides you with actionable recommendations across the following areas:

  • UI & UX – Functionality and User experience recommendations
  • SEO – increase online visibility, site traffic and adhere to the latest in web best practices
  • SEM – How to best implement SEM activities that drive traffic, capture relevant prospective customers and ensure specific keyword search rankings
  • Content – Complete your brand presence online with specific content recommendations

You will receive a document that outlines the above areas in an easy to understand format, enabling ease of implementation with a web savvy developer or digital marketing expert. Just the Drop can also quote on implementation of the audit recommendations in addition to assisting clients with content marketing processes specific to the business.

Website_audit_smallOther areas included within the audit document are:

  • Top line analysis of current web site performance – Usually via Google Analytics
  • Keywords analysis relevant to the client
  • Search Rankings – Notes on competition
  • Any domain or technical issues – Best practice site and business use of domain names
  • SEO recommendations – Meta Data
  • Content recommendations
  • SEM opportunities
  • eCommerce reviews – Path to purchase recommendations
  • Integrating Social Media into the website and/or website into Social



Website audits start at $1200* (+GST)

*Client specific requirements, site complexity, number of products may alter the base price

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